Visit, see, eat, experience...<br>Gyoda has something fun for everyone!

Gyoda City

Steeped in history and nature. Come to Gyoda, the city that will tempt your curiosity!

And there are tons of fun hands on activities that whisk you away into yesteryear, featuring things like tabi socks, armor, and clay figurines!

Also, gourmet experiences featuring delicious treats like famous "jelly fries" and assorted deep fried foods also await!

Experience Gyoda's unique history

Make your own tabi socks

At the "Tabi and Lifestyle Museum," see a live tabi making performance by a tabi artesian or have your own personal tabi made with the material of your choice reservations required. Also, view the 13 steps of the tabi making process and try your hand at some of the process under the instruction of a tabi artesian.

Don armor and become a warrior

A popular event held every spring and autumn at the Gyoda City Provincial Museum. Anyone can try on armor and a helmet. Transform into a feudal warlord and take a commemorative photo in your best pose.

Make your own special clay figurine

After strolling through Sakitama Kofun Park, you'll definitely want to stop by "Haniwa House" located in the park grounds. Here you can make your own original clay figurine. An instructor guides visitors through the process, so beginners will have no trouble having fun making their own figurine. It takes one month from the drying stage to the final baking stage, but it's definitely worth the wait!

Your Gyoda Sightseeing Helper!

Rental sightseeing bicycles

If you want to check out sightseeing spots dotting the city area, renting a sightseeing bicycle is definitely the way to go! You can return the bike to any of the 6 rental locations in town. There is no rental charge.

Rental locations

◆Sightseeing Information
◆Provincial Museum
◆Haniwa House
◆Kodai Hasu no Sato (Ancient Lotus Pond)
◆Sightseeing Information Buratto ♪ Gyoda
◆In front of Higashi-Gyoda Station (Sakura-cho 3-7-10)


From 9:00 to 16:00 present identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) at a rental location to rent a bicycle. You can return the bicycle at any of the above listed rental locations.

Please be aware

If you return a bicycle after 16:00, put the key in the post at a rental location when returning.

*Bicycles cannot be rented on closed days at the Provincial Museum, Haniwa House, and Kodai Hasu no Sato (Ancient Lotus Pond).

Convenience on Wheels

Though Gyoda City does not have many slopes, people who are not regular cyclers may want to use the convenient electric powered peddling assist. It's really convenient!

Rental location

Rental and return are at the Sightseeing Information area only.
*Bicycle batteries can also be recharged at Kodai Hasu no Sato (Ancient Lotus Pond) and Rojin Fukushi Center Ozeki Eijuso (Elderly Welfare Center Ozeki Eijuso) (3792 Suka, Gyoda City).


500 yen per 1 time / 1 day

Please be aware

Electric assist bicycles must be returned to the Sightseeing Information area by 15:30.

City tour buses (bus on a circular route)


100 yen per 1 time
Runs every day (does not run from Dec. 29 to January 3)

If you want to see sights in the city in the most efficient way possible, a circular route tour bus is definitely the way to go. The sightseeing hub tour course goes past every sightseeing spot in Gyoda City. Bus timetables are available at the Gyoda City website. If you get lost or need help, ask for help at the Sightseeing Information area in front of JR Gyoda Station, Sightseeing Information Buratto ♪ Gyoda, or City Hall.
Sightseeing Hub Tour Course (pdf)

Gyoda Volunteer Guide Association for foreigners(GVG)

GVG helps you to enjoy tour in Gyoda. See


Access Map

By train

Joetsu Shinkansen

Board at Tokyo Station and get off at "Kumagaya Station" (about 40 min). Switch to Chichibu Railway and get off at "Gyodashi Station" (9 min).
Board at Ueno Station and get off at "Kumagaya Station" (about 30 min). Switch to Chichibu Railway and get off at "Gyodashi Station" (9 min).

JR Takasaki Line

Board at Ueno Station and get off at "Gyoda Station" (about 60 min).

JR Shonan Shinjuku Line

Board a Local Train (Kakuekiteisha) at Ikebukuro Station and get off at "Gyoda Station" (about 60 min). *Only Local Trains stop at Gyoda Station.

By car

Tohoku Expressway

About 30 minutes along the Japan National Route 125 bypass from the Hanyu Interchange.
About 40 minutes along Japan National Route 125 from the Kazo Interchange.

Kan-Etsu Expressway

About 40 minutes from the Hanazono Interchange. Take Japan National Route 140 from the Hanazono Interchange to Kumagaya, then take the Japan National Route 17 bypass.
About 35 minutes from the Higashi-Matsuyama Interchange through Namegawa Machi and Kumagaya.

Gyoda City Tourist Association
Gyoda City Commerce and Tourism Division