Please enjoy reasonable and authentic soba in the building, which is also a nationally registered tangible cultural property and a cultural property that constitutes a Japanese heritage.

Oyasumi Dokoro Kanetsukido(Local-Food)

Walking distance from Oshi Castle! We offer Yakisoba, shaved ice, etc., as well as Gyoda’s specialty Zeri furai, which uses only safe and secure ingredients procured from local farmers. The landmark of the store is the bell tower where the bell of Oshi Castle was hung. Please come by all means.

Kouhiien Ikoi(local-food)

Gyoda’s specialty furai and zeri furai are also available, and you can take them home with you. We use carefully selected ingredients, and the decisive factor is the powder and sauce. 「”Yakisoba Furai Mix with yakisoba” in the furai food is the most popular menu. Also, as you can see from the store name here, […]

Gyoda Zeri Furai Hompo Takao (local food)

Although it is named zeri furai Hompo, the menu is not limited to zeri furai! You can also eat udon and special curry. There is also a way to eat zeri furai curry that is not cutlet curry! It is a 3-minute walk from the Osi Castle Site, so you can use it as a […]