Tabi and Lifestyle Museum

This museum recreates the appearance of the Gyoda Tabi factory in its heyday. You can observe a demonstration of making Tabi.

Tourist Guide Station(Tabigura Town Museum)

This is the nearest information center from Gyodashi Station, Chichibu Railway. The staff can also show you where and how to get special products of Gyoda. (operated by the Gyoda Tabi Warehouse Network NPO)

Saitama Prefectural Museum of the Sakitama Ancient Burial Mounds

The museum of Sakitama historic sites displays valuable cultural assets such as the nationally designated special historic site “Sakitama Kofun Cluster” and the national treasure “Musashi Sakitama Inariyama Kofun”. The main exhibits are the “Shogunyama Burial Mound Exhibition Hall” and the “National Treasure Exhibition Room”, and the national treasure “Kinsaku Meitekken”, which is a symbol […]

Gyoda City Museum

Gyoda City Museum is a museum located on the site of the main enclosure of Oshi Castle. Many real materials are on display, and you can learn about the history and culture of Gyoda from ancient times to the present. The surrounding area has been maintained as a castle ruin park and is a place […]