Magatama(Ancient Ornaments) Handmade Experience

Magatama is an ancient ornament and a symbol of the power of the powerful tribes. Nowadays, many people carry it as a talisman to protect themselves from bad fate or as a part of fashion.

At the Sakitama Historical Museum, you can make magatama that are the same size as the magatama excavated from the Inariyama Kofun. How about using your own original magatama as a memory of your trip?

Detail Info

Magatama(Ancient Ornaments) Handmade Experience

Adress: 4834 Sakitama, Gyoda City, Saitama

TEL: 048-559-1111

1st 9:10 ~, 2nd 10:40 ~, 3rd 13:10 ~, 4th 14:40 ~

White:250 yen, Pink: 300 yen, Black: 350 yen

Regular holiday:
Monday (except national holidays, holidays, prefectural day (November 14)), December 29 to January 3