Sakitama Ryokudo(Green Road)

Sakitama Ryokudo is a green road with a promenade and a bicycle path that is 4.5km long and 25m wide, from Konosu City Akamidai Neighborhood Park in front of JR Kitakonosu Station to Sakitama Kofun Park along the Musashi Canal.Cherry blossoms bloom in spring.

Ozeki Nature Observation Room

In the “Ozeki Nature Observation Room”, you can see the fish climbing the fishway (fishway) installed at Tone Ozeki. You can see sweetfish running up in early summer and salmon running up in autumn through the window.

Suijo Park

A suijo  park is maintained using the swamp of Sotobori in Oshi Castle. You can see water hyacinth in the fall season.

Ancient Lotus Park

Here in Gyoda, you can enjoy the mysterious beauty of “Gyoda-hasu”, ancient lotus flowers, which have awoken from a long slumber of 3,000 years. In this park, you can see some 120,000 lotus plants of 42 types blooming all over the ponds from middle of June to early August. If you go up the observation […]

World’s Largest Rice Paddy Art

Rice field art is becoming established as a new tradition that colors the rice fields in Gyoda, the rice-producing region. Express pictures and letters on paddy fields using  colorful rice plants. Boasting a size of about 2.8 hectares, it was certified as the “World’s Largest Rice Field Art” by the Guinness World Records in 2015. […]